No one should ever feel lost or unheard when it comes to their health.


Understand My Philosophy

No one should ever feel lost or unheard when it comes to their health.


Understand My Philosophy

I’ve been there - leaving long-awaited appointments with questions unanswered and lingering issues left unresolved. I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to try to navigate our medical system unsupported.

I see you, and I’m here to help. Here’s what you need to know:

• I do not believe in a hierarchical doctor-patient relationship. When we work together, I treat you as I would want to be treated, as an equal. I’m here to listen carefully and respectfully to what you have to say.

• This is not a race. Creating meaningful change happens at the pace that is right for you, right now. We’re here to build healthy, sustainable habits in a way that works for you. That means creating routines that empower you to love the life you’re living.

• I will always work in your best interest. If you would benefit from a specialist or alternate care, I will refer you to my skilled colleagues or another practitioner who can best support you.

"My greatest passion is helping people understand their bodies and how to tap into their profound, innate capacity to heal.”

I’m Dr. Mary Pines

I’ve spent more than twenty years studying the Health Sciences, researching cancer, autism, neuroscience, (epi)genetics, cell biology, stem cells, developmental biology, biochemistry, and more. I began my studies at the University of British Columbia (BSc, Post-Doctoral Studies, Research Associate) and earned my Ph.D. from Cambridge University to complete fifteen years of post-secondary schooling.

After completing my “traditional” education, I devoted six years to studying non-allopathic, or alternative, evidence-based approaches to medicine, including Biohacking, Ancestral Living, Flow States, Consciousness Research, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Breathwork, and Bodywork.

I’m an experienced facilitator and mentor with training in interpersonal relations, non-violent communication, self-realization, empowerment, and life coaching. I’ve authored and reviewed numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles (see Publications below), delivered expert presentations at conferences worldwide, mentored university students, designed and led successful international collaborations.

After years of doing it all at maximum capacity, I hit the wall. I was 33 years old and completely burnt out.


Forging a Path Back to My Own Innate Wellness

The road to recovery was littered with appointments that left me feeling frustrated and unheard by physicians who offered band-aid solutions that weren’t healthy or capable of making a lasting difference.

As I fought to find the support I needed, I slowly realized that Western Medicine is not designed to treat systemic, chronic illness or even support disease prevention.

My health couldn’t be managed with a fragmented, piecemeal approach of educated guesses and stop-gap solutions.

Reluctantly, I came to admit that “holistic health” isn’t new age “woo woo” at all. It’s a comprehensive, integrated approach to the dizzyingly complex systems that make up the human body and translate to our individual experience of health.

With this new perspective, I eventually realized that I could leverage my skills and training to “fix” my health. So I went back to learning – I investigated every evidence-based lineage of medicine that I could: conventional, ancient, and cutting-edge. I was my own guinea pig, and I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

My vitality returned as I slowly regained my health, even surpassing my pre-burnout baseline. I became healthier, stronger, and I had more energy – I felt youthful! I was happier than ever before, and my life would never be the same.


“When we learn to listen and adjust to the body’s cues, we can harness the miraculous regenerative power of the self-healing machines we call cells; only then will we secure true health, vitality, and longevity.”

— Dr. Mary Pines, Ph.D. Founder, Innate Wellness.

I left my government-supported laboratory research career to dedicate my life to helping people recover their health using the personalized, preventative, comprehensive healthcare approach that saved my life.

I work with people of all ages, from youth to senior citizens, specializing in burnout recovery, circadian rhythm correction, lifestyle-based, preventative medicine, sleep, longevity/anti-aging, high-performance habits, and weight management. I combine systems-level and cellular-level health measures to understand patient challenges and provide world-class care and support to empower you on your journey to better health.

My work as an “Integrative Health Scientist” is endorsed by my acclaimed mentors and colleagues, who recognize that I possess a unique skill set that fills an unmet need in the Medical community.

Personal Health:
A Comprehensive Approach

Over the last eight years, I’ve worked to blend ancient, modern, traditional and alternative approaches to science and medicine with Integrative Lifestyle Medicine.

No question goes unanswered, no stone unturned. I work personally with every client to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to create sustainable change in their health and wellness.

I’m here to empower you to reclaim your health. I’m here to empower you to thrive.

As my practice grows, my priority is always to maintain a student mentality. I am committed to staying deeply connected to new research so that I can support the changing and evolving needs of my clients, and our greater community, to the best of my ability.

From the proceeds of this work, I will soon start volunteering my services to underserved communities in my area, including the Whistler Women’s Shelter and First Nations community of Mt Currie.

Education & Experience

Research & Development – Physician’s Training program, Richer Health Inc. Whistler, BC, Canada.


I lived on Kaua’i for 6 months and absolutely loved it.

There, I began to discover how to heal my body from burnout.


Associate Research Scientist – Laboratory of Dr. Michael Gordon, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

[Areas of study: Autism Spectrum Disorders, neuronal function, neurogenesis, behavioural regulation, developmental biology, neuronal physiology.]


Postdoctoral Researcher – Laboratory of Dr. Guy Tanentzapf, Dept of Cell and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

[Areas of study: Cell and developmental biology, cancer, tissue growth, cell adhesion, communication, migration, survival, metastasis, tissue morphogenesis.]


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Laboratory of Dr. Katja Röper. Dept of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. University of Cambridge, UK.

[Areas of study: Cell and developmental biology, genetics, cancer, tissue morphogenesis, cell communication, cell shape change, migration, apoptosis (cell death regulation), tissue morphogenesis.]


MSc Student – Laboratory of Dr. Ivan Sadowski. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

[Areas of study: Cancer mechanisms, biochemistry, cell biology, cell proliferation, signalling, shape change, migration, oxidative stress and survival.]



Research Assistant & Undergraduate Thesis Student – Laboratory of Dr. Roger Brownsey, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

[Areas of study: Diabetes, biochemistry, cell signalling, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.]



Bachelor of Science. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (with Honours), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada



Pines MK*, Zhang P*, Lu H*, Peixoto RT*, Ge Y, Oku S, Siddiqui TJ, Xie Y, Wu W, Archer-Hartmann S, Yoshida K, Tanaka KF, Aricescu AR, Azadi P, Gordon MD, Sabatini BL, Wong ROL, and Craig AM. (2018) Heparan Sulfate Organizes Neuronal Synapses through Neurexin Partnerships. Cell. 174(6): 1450-64. *Contributed equally

Pines M, Das M, Ellis S, Morin A, Czerniecki S, Yuan L, Klose M, Coombs D, and Tanentzapf G. Mechanical force regulates integrin turnover in Drosophila in vivo. Nature Cell Biology. 14(9): 935-943.

Ellis SJ, Pines M, Fairchild MF and Tanentzapf G. (2011) In vivo functional analysis reveals specific roles for the integrin-binding sites of talin. Journal of Cell Science. 124(11):1844-56.

Pines M, Fairchild MF and Tanentzapf G. (2011) Distinct regulatory mechanisms control integrin adhesive processes during tissue morphogenesis. Developmental Dynamics. 240(1):36-51.

Pines MK, Housden BE, Bernard F, Bray SJ and Röper K. (2010) The cytolinker Pigs is a direct target and a negative regulator of Notch signaling. Development. 137(6):913-22. [Featured as a “recommended read:” Faculty of 1000: 2010.]


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